Free Flat Icon Sets

Previously we posted about free flat UI kits. There are many generous designers and developers who have released kits dedicated to icons only. Here we present a selected list of free flat UI icon sets, which will help to make your sites more attractive, more flat !

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Top 10 Flat Design Websites for July 2013

We have been busy curating websites that are designed based on Flat UI Design style. Based on the likes and our own review we have picked our favourite websites. Here is a list of the ‘Top 10 Sites’ for the month of July. And trust us, all of them are worth a visit !

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Free Flat UI Design Kits

There are hundreds of free Flat UI kits available all over the web, provided by generous designers. Here we provide a list of the best among them. Grab at least one of them today and start exploring the endless capabilities of this latest trend.

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Understanding Flat UI Design

Recently, a certain design approach has taken the web world by storm. Some of the biggest names are embracing it. It is finding its way into blogs, informative sites, web applications, e-commerce etc. This trend, popularly known as ‘Flat UI’ involves stripping the design of all 3D elements and using only the ‘Flat’ (2D) elements[1]. Thus the third dimension of depth is completely avoided in Flat UI design. Hence shadows are sort of deprecated feature here. Besides, bevel, embossed, gradients, highlights are the other unused features from the previous skeuomorphic approach which was initially endorsed by Apple and later caught the imagination of web designers the world over.

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Welcome to Flat UI Design Trends

Flat Design or Flat UI is one of the most talked about trend in design in last few months. Though it seems like every designer is adopting the so-called trend, creating beautiful and usable interfaces using flat design style is not a simple task. Even companies like Microsoft and Google are going in this design direction.

So its safe to conclude that Flat UI design is not just a passing trend but a great direction for the future of design. As flat ui design continues to evolve we hope to create a resource full of inspirational work, articles & free resources.

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