FlatTrendz.com was launched on July 1st and since then we have been able to curate and share with you some of the best examples of websites designed with the Flat UI style. Based on user votes and number of visits received by each of our showcase websites, here is a list of the ‘Top 10 Sites’ for the month of July. And trust us, all of them are worth a visit!

10. Medium

‘Medium’ helps to share stories and manifestos with people all over the world in a very simple manner. It currently includes some really interesting stuff by users.

For its ‘blog-like’ content pages, it mainly uses black type on white background but the choice of type makes it stand out. The non-blog pages are generally divided into two halves, one having a fixed and the other a short overview of the articles by the users. It is light in spite of its enormous content.


09. Audio Theme

Audio Theme provides WordPress themes and plugins for bands, musicians and labels. One can directly purchase their themes after going through the details provided on the site.

The site cleverly uses minimum number of colors and the overall design gives a certain confidence to go ahead and try their themes.

Audio Theme

08. Sort

A knowledge management product by Servo. It also boasts of a portal to post questions and have discussions about their product.

It brilliantly fulfills the purpose by using limited text and colors. The fixed header eases navigation through the site.


07. Thrive Solo

A UK-based cloud software company with enormous experience in the creative sector. Watch out for the amazing explanatory video.

Thrive Solo uses huge and mainly circular elements to convey the purpose of the site. It tries to keep it as simple as possible within a single page. It is surprising one does not feel the need for more information in spite of the minimalist design approach.

Thrive Solo

06. Flaticons

Flaticons as the name suggests sells flat icon sets. It boasts of an advanced search to help find icons easily.

A mention needs to be made of how a small demo is incorporated as if it is a part of the overall design. As expected, the site itself uses some really cool icons.


05. Designed To Move

‘Designed To Move’ showcases how physical inactivity affects economies, stops humanity from exploring its true potential. Besides it also provides solutions for the same and believes we can overcome this problem.

It uses graphs to convey ideas in an elegant manner. Besides it makes efficient use of one color to convey threats and another color to convey solutions.


04. SpellTower

SpellTower is a site about a game of words available for IOS, Android and Mac. One can buy the app from the site itself and all the features are well explained.

It is a great example of pure flat design relying heavily on attractive colors, fonts and images. Some really creative ideas have been rightly implemented keeping the flat design intact.


03. Lowdi

Lowdi is a wireless speaker that turns any phone, tablet or mobile device into a portable sound system. The site clearly explains all the features of the speaker.

It uses some really unique colors combined with a slight change in the edges which end in a convex but they actually make the site stand out.


02. Etch

A small team of designers and developers, who help brands with big ideas. The site gives adequate information about every aspect of the company.

The site seamlessly places boxes all over the site and fills them with text and images. No traditional paras, word wraps, headings etc. It all happens within boxes and within a single page. The design stays with you even long after you have closed the browser.


01. Portably

This Stockholm based company creates business advantages for clients, by adding its mobile expertise in communications.

The site tweaks the most often seen layout in flat design sites. And it does so brilliantly. The fonts chosen for the site are simple yet eye-catching. The usage of lesser seen shades of pink and green make the site stand out.




It was difficult to select just 10 from all the entries we had in July. If we did miss your favourite site, do share with us the link in the comments below.