WordPress Site optimization with WP-Rocket & MaxCDN

Making FlatTrendz.com load faster

FlatTrendz.com was started around 10 months ago. I created this site with my colleague Navin Nagpal using WordPress and a custom theme. While most of our readers are designers like me, I still wanted to share the technical aspects of maintaining this WordPress site and how I managed to optimize it to handle more traffic and also make it load faster without spending on expensive managed WordPress hosting.

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Best Fonts for your next Flat design website

As we move towards flat web design / minimalistic design style, typography plays the most crucial role. Selecting the right font that not only conveys your message but extends your design too is an art and science in itself. In our article “Understanding Flat UI Design“ we discussed the contribution of typography. Hence it was inevitable to dedicate an article to the best fonts which can be used for your next flat design project. All the fonts mentioned in this article are completely free to download.

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Welcome to Flat UI Design Trends

Flat Design or Flat UI is one of the most talked about trend in design in last few months. Though it seems like every designer is adopting the so-called trend, creating beautiful and usable interfaces using flat design style is not a simple task. Even companies like Microsoft and Google are going in this design direction.

So its safe to conclude that Flat UI design is not just a passing trend but a great direction for the future of design. As flat ui design continues to evolve we hope to create a resource full of inspirational work, articles & free resources.

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