For Web designers, there is no term as “DECENT WEBSITE”. In the game of web designing, you either please your audience & sweep them off their feet, or the scarcity of incoming or return traffic makes you website fall on its face. Thus, the best bet is to be prepared with all the necessary design tools and resources.

Now if you are killing your brain cells thinking of all the possible ways you can procure such diverse resources, then you should stop. Thanks to DealFuel, we have got that covered. DealFuel provides you an amazing blend of vibrant web designing and development resources that would not only ease your tasks but also put your creations ahead of the curve. In this post, we would be talking about some of the quintessential design resources that you as a designer should be aware of.

01. Creativity enhancing design resources


While you approach your website designing chores, you must keep in mind that other designers and developers out there too are adopting the same strategy and practices. So you must select the resources such that you create something that stands out from the rest. These design templates consist of patterns, textures, and backgrounds that help enhance creativity and set a good vibe for the audience. They are specially targeted towards the young audience and appropriate for an educational website for kids and toddler. These design elements can be instantly downloaded from DealFuel in different formats and used in your project.

02. Home remodeling WordPress theme


Are you working on a website that caters to various home furnishing needs? Are you looking for some designs and themes that exclusively suit your needs? Then my friend, you have come to the right place. This free home remodeling theme flaunts a responsive layout and allows you to showcase your clients’ products in an elaborate fashion. You can provide slideshows or grids, share creative remodeling tips and tricks in an elegant fashion. To match the overall styling of your website, you can select from 10 different color skins and further customize it according to your varying needs. It has built in contact forms and unlimited drop-down menus which can further fuel the needs of your website. The theme is easy to work with and is best suited for websites for infrastructure and home remodeling companies.

03. Free vector ribbon objects


For me, ribbons are a standard to denote royalty. That’s not all; you can use the vector ribbon objects for a lot more reasons. You can use them as headers, for highlighting some content, like navigation or even for displaying general content. This resource brings forth a variety of ribbon objects which you can use on your personal or commercial projects. These ribbon objects can be used to flaunt some ongoing deals in your website or even to flaunt new features and discounts to your audience. These ribbon objects can be readily downloaded and incorporated in your projects with ease. A definite must have item, for your design arsenal.

04. Patterned vector background


Everyone likes a sticking canvas. So, if you want your website to generate similar effect for your readers, you must equip it with elegant backgrounds. This resource provides you a number of background patterns. Hold on, these aren’t just regular patterns. The patterns consist of different geometric shapes and figures, which has been drenched in some amazing colors, resulting in a background that will grab your readers by the eyeballs. And this doesn’t end here. By downloading this free design resource, you can use these amazing patterned backgrounds on website banners, flyers, posters, and even use them as art decors and print them on t-shirts. The resource consists of 50 different high quality patterns which can be readily used. Savvy eh!

05. Free flat icons


I love watching movies. Especially the classic ones. The good thing about them is, they help you uplift your mood, while helping you evade boredom. And there are a number of people out there who would agree with me. So why not do something for such like-minded people, and all the movie buffs. This flat icon pack contains 200 different flat icons which have been influenced by one or the other movies, which has impacted pop culture. These icons are catchy, and people can easily relate to. You can use these icons to perform different user actions on your websites, use them in presentation slides or even while designing software applications or games. The icons are available in AI and PS formats and also comes with a sketch version. You can even modify and change the orientation, size and color of these icons to suit your varying needs. What are you waiting for? Download them, and go crazy!

06. Realistic food mockups


Are you working on a website for a restaurant or a food joint? Or, are you on your way to creating your own food blog that you had been planning for quite some time? In either case, these food mockups would be immensely helpful for your cause. These food mockups can be used to showcase your latest culinary creation, in the best way possible. The mockups give a professional look and enhance your website’s aesthetics, leaps and bounds. The resource contains a number of different themed mocks, and you can select the ones that you find the most apt. You can edit these mocks as you like and use in your commercial and personal projects.

07. Free Waterlily typeface


The way you display your website’s content tells a lot about your website. It shows how much effort you have put to create your website, and finally decides how your audience would perceive it. There are a number of fonts that are already available, and widely used by website owners, but if you want to go that extra mile, you must opt for fonts that have never been used before. And this is when you can realize the true purpose of Waterlily typeface. The typeface is influenced by handwritten fonts and gives your content the feel as if they were written by hand. The typeface supports different languages and can also be edited according to your website’s needs and requirements. You can use the typeface for creating headings, design headers and even to design your company’s logo. All you need to do is download the typeface and edit it using one or the other editor. It’s as simple as that.

08. One page website template


If you want to create a personal portfolio, a one page website template is what you need. One page websites are the recent rage. They allow you to showcase you website’s data in a single page. So, all a user needs to do is scroll. This one page website template is completely responsive, and allows you to tweak it according to your necessities. It has a fluid design and lets you display you website’s content in a vivid fashion. The various social media icons are already integrated in this template, thus allowing you viewers to share content on various social networking platforms with ease. The template is build using HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery and is supported on all major web browsers.

09. HTML-based invoice template


Invoice templates are used professionals worldwide to create their monthly invoices. Apart from the various payment break-ups, the invoices also contain various arithmetic operations which display how an employee’s payment structure came into being. But generally employees use spreadsheets or editors to view and create such templates. The problem with spreadsheets is that their alignment and structure changes when accessed on different devices. And this is why this HTML invoice template will be a boon for you. This HTML-based template uses HTML5, CSS3 & JS to create a web-based invoice template, which can be accessed using all major web browsers. The template can be easily customized and can be edited by simple drag and drop action. It supports all languages and currencies and can be configured to perform various auto-calculations. To get hold of this gem of a deal, all you need to do is download it.

10. Free tricolor typeface


Are you bored of using the same old fonts? They you must give this tricolor typeface a try. As the name suggests, this typeface allows you to create content using three different colors. You can use this typeface to for creating headlines, logos or posters. You can edit the typeface using Adobe Illustrator and start creating designs of your choice.

Which of the freebies did you like the most? And what other freebies and deals do you want us to include?