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Flat Style Icons Rule This Season!

It has been an era since the heavy desktops have become minimal. But the icon with the CPU and the monitor continues to represent ‘My Computer’, even on laptops. Icons create impressions that last for generations. They become the identity of your apps, the tabs on your website and your overall business.

Flat Style Icons have literally revolutionized this segment of website designing. Designers have not only poured creativity but added usability to icons. These small and trendy icons have the capacity to transform any user interface. Smaller in size, they match up with any background. You see a flat style icon on every web related page today. It suits any gadget, from personal computer to the latest smart phone. Let us explore how these icons are a new ‘in’ thing.

Flat Style Icon: Suits Everywhere

Flat Style Icon: Suits Everywhere

Usually, flat style icons are designed in bulk and according to the need of the website or applications. They now can be found everywhere on the web and are used as icon for nearly every function. From weather app icon on websites to any directional function icon, flat style icons are used as user interface icons.

Along with web, mobile and tablet apps are showcased with these icons. Additionally, its customized design functionality gives designers liberty to add and make style icons according to the requirement. Mobile phone’s social media icons, weather icons or any other icons pre-designed with operating systems like android, windows or iOS can also be styled as flat style icons.

Molding according to Category

Flat style icons are available for every possible category. They are exclusively designed according to the theme and category. For example, in sports category, every single tile of the flat icon consist small but attractive sports icon, you can easily identify which sports it is representing.

Similarly, in mobile phones an icon portraying YouTube symbol can be easily identified and on click on it will hook users to latest videos.

Easy to design, Easy to place

Designing a flat style icon is not a big task; it can be easily designed using basic designing software’s. These are generally made available by the designers in expansions such as PDF, PNG, EPS, AI etc. These icons can be easily place on the web page wherever designer wants.   

 Use it According to your Mood

Flat style icons are used according to the mood and tone of the website. For example, on a website dedicated to children, icons can have a look as if they are actually scribbled or drawn on paper giving a playful feel. Similarly, a mechanical website’s flat style icon designed like gears gives a smart look to the website. For mobile phones, flat style icons can be easily customized according to any background theme.

These user friendly and eye soothing flat style icons make an impact on visitors’ mind that eventually helps the website to increase its tally of visitors.

Future is with Flat Style Icons

Flat style icons have already started to create buzz in website and user interface designing segment. In every possible field of user interface designing, these flat style icons are making their place. Many mobile companies are constantly in search of new and innovative icon designs to keep upgrading the look of their user interface. It simply indicates that flat style icons are all set to rule the upcoming seasons of UI designing.

Flat Style Icons

Get started today with this collection of 30 free flat style icons which are sure to woo audience on your website! You get icons in various categories like Social Media Icons, Interface icons and much more.

Download this free set of flat style icons here

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