10 Incredible Ways the Image Editor Plugin Gives Your WordPress Website a Huge Boost

A brief introduction

More and more bloggers and entrepreneurs are using the Image Editor Plugin for editing pictures before posting them to their WordPress sites. But what’s so great about this tool, anyway? Well, the latest load of data and trends have shown that using this plugin can help you boost your online productivity by leaps and bounds! Continue Reading


3 Commonly Used Gaming Platforms by Developers Today

Game development, especially for mobile, is one of today’s top industries. It’s a logical choice for developers given the volume of smartphone users globally.

But game development, just like web design and other similar projects, is not an easy process. There is much more to consider than just setting up a command to project a phrase or image onto the screen, which is why development tools are crucial if you want to pursue this line of work.

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Getting Started with a Blog

People have been blogging for more than a decade.  These blogs range from personal diaries to science fiction. Blogging is not new & exciting like vlogging. But if you search for an advice or an answer in any search engines, chances that the results that are on top are mostly blog posts is high. So while vlogging & snap-chatting might be the hottest thing, nothing has been able to replace the value of a blog. Continue Reading

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