A brief introduction

More and more bloggers and entrepreneurs are using the Image Editor Plugin for editing pictures before posting them to their WordPress sites. But what’s so great about this tool, anyway? Well, the latest load of data and trends have shown that using this plugin can help you boost your online productivity by leaps and bounds!


Increasing productivity on WordPress with the Image Editor Plugin

Image Editor has proven to be a very useful plugin for your WordPress website/blog. Here’s how this editing tool can help you become more proactive and get the ball rolling, both on your end and on your audience’s.

1. An excellent way to showcase your marketing message

Want to present a compelling brand message to the world? Think visual! Considering the phenomenal popularity of sites like Pinterest and Instagram, which allow users to upload and share personal and professional images, this truly is the age of digital photographs. More and more people would rather spend hours looking at pictures than reading large chunks of content.

A big reason for this is our ability to relate and respond to visual cues. A single skilfully captured photograph can generate the more significant response from the audience than written text.

The Image Editor allows WordPress users to edit, filter and resize images in real time. Using the plugin, brand owners can restructure images to streamline their overall brand strategy and marketing message, creating a portfolio of compelling and powerful visuals that can engage their customers and touch thousands more.

2. Leads to better visibility

Consider these statistics:

  • People are 44% more likely to engage with branded content that contains images (Source: Performics)
  • Articles with pictures tend to be viewed 94% more than those without (Source: Jeff Bullas)

These trends clearly indicate that images have come to dominate brand websites. Through the Image Editor Plugin, users can put their best foot forward by presenting visuals tailored to the needs and demands of their audience. Images can easily be shared on social media platforms and other WordPress sites, thereby increasing the chances of publicizing your brand in new markets and new segments.

3. Greater ability to relate

There’s very little that can beat the impact of a poignant and touching photograph on the masses. Punctuating blog posts and website copies with a series of well-placed and authentic images is a great way to lend authority to the content, and also increases the chances of getting higher views and shares. That’s because web users tend to have very short attention spans. Most people may scroll randomly from webpage to webpage without paying much attention to the text, but chances are they will pause to look at a picture or an infographic.

Image Editor allows you to edit smartphone or digital camera photos in such a way as to make them more relatable to your viewers. A well-edited image can effect strong, emotive responses from people that can go a long way in promoting your brand/blog.

4. Bring new life to your photos

It’s pretty obvious that the more appealing your pictures, the better responses you’ll get. Who likes looking at grainy and blurred photos? What people find are pictures that carry a message and present a face to the written words. Image Editor can help you do this.

The Image Editor enables you to make even the most basic photos look stunning and remarkable. The plugin can be embedded right on your website/blog and helps you crop, color, reshape and resize your cache of photos before you post them for the world to see. This will enable you to put an authentic and persuasive front that people will come to associate with your brand, thus leading to increased engagement and conversion.

5. Leads to better sales

Ever thought that an image editing plugin could help boost your sales? Well, it’s true! Think about it from your customers’ point of view. Would they be persuaded by blurry and low-quality images of products? What you want are clear, bright and sharp visuals that can present your product in the best possible way. Now, you can do that right within your WordPress Dashboard, and with high quality results guaranteed to generate engagement.

Image Editor allows you to experiment with pictures and change their texture and quality to make them appealing to the masses. Keeping in mind that consumers can now be more easily persuaded through visually assist text, the Image Editor Plugin can help you leverage captivating pictures to aid your marketing efforts. Here’s a great stat to sweeten the deal:

  • 67% of e-commerce consumers claim that product image quality plays a crucial role in influencing their buying decisions. (Source: MDG Advertising).

6. Saves you time and energy

When it comes to business, time is money. It’s a precious commodity that entrepreneurs must conserve and utilize optimally to get the best results. Capturing and editing photos for your WordPress website or blog takes time and energy that you may not necessarily have. Before, users had to look for and install third-party image editing software to dress up their images for publication. There are a plethora of such applications available on the web, and trying to decide on one that fits in best with your particular needs can be a big hassle.

The Image Editor Plugin solves this problem. This plugin is a built-in image editing application that allows you to experiment in real time and effectively eliminates the need to track third-party applications that may not give the results you’re looking for. Image Editor can save you a lot of time and energy, which you can now utilize for other, pressing business matters that need your attention.

7. Helps to increase credibility

If you want your website/blog to go places, it’s important to build credibility and integrity among your audience. People need to know you aren’t just out to scam them or rip them off. They need to be able to trust you before you can persuade them into action. If you think posting standardized stock images on your website will appease your audience, think again. Look at these statistics:

  • 46% of consumers tend to place more trust in a website that uses certain product images instead of generic stock images. (Source: BrightLocal)
  • According to a study, detailed personalized images are far more effective in capturing consumer interest than stock images. (Source: Search Engine People)

This shows that your audience wants to see more than a convincing copy. They want to see the face behind the brand they buy from. A skilfully edited image can help you tell a story without the need to use words. Through the Image Editor Plugin, you can edit and post highly compelling pictures that will resonate with people and provoke them into taking the desired action.

8. Ideal for photo-centric projects and tasks

E-commerce websites and photography blogs rely heavily on a daily stream of high-quality images. To be perceived as authentic and reliable, you need to supply the public with regular updates of compelling images on your WordPress site. No doubt, it takes a lot of effort to ensure all the published images are of top quality and provide high value to the audience.

With the Image Editor Plugin, you can set precise editing parameters and apply these settings to all your pictures, thus reducing the effort it takes to handle such tasks. In the same way, if you want to post some similar images, the plugin allows you to process them collectively by grouping them and applying the predefined settings. This makes the daily editing tasks less of a chore, far simpler and even fun.


9. Quicker loading time

A website may have a high ranking, engaging content and compelling visuals, but if it loads too slowly, this may put off many potential leads. People want websites and blogs to load quickly, no matter how dark the content, so you need to make sure your site has a quick loading time.

Large, big images can take up a lot of time to load fully, making your WordPress website/blog difficult for visitors to navigate. These statistics reinforce the importance of fast-loading images in driving traffic, and hence business:

  • 39% of visitors stop engaging with websites whose images don’t load or load too slowly.
  • A second’s delay in loading time can lead to a 7% decrease in conversion. (Source: Kissmetrics)


To ensure your site isn’t affected by this problem, you can use the Image Editor Plugin to compress large-size images and optimize them into appropriate sizes for each web page. This will enable your website/blog to load faster.

10. Easier recycling of images

Just because you’ve used an image once, it doesn’t mean you can’t use it again. Through the Image Editor Plugin, you can reuse your pictures for multiple purposes and across numerous WordPress platforms. Using the plugin, you can change the color or background of the image, create a collage, or add visuals like some popular word art, thus giving the original picture a fresh new look that your audience is sure to appreciate.



The Image Editor Plugin has certainly revamped the ways in which WordPress users can edit, adapt and upgrade images for digital publication. The above ten ways show how you can give your WordPress blog/website a much-needed boost to increase visibility and engagement.